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The biggest break-ups in sports

  • The biggest break-ups in sports Yuvi and Kim Sharma were the talk of the town when they were going out and were already being called cricket`s hottest couple. There were no clues as to the reason for their break-up, but it just didn`t work out.
  • The biggest break-ups in sports Azhar`s marriage with Sangeeta was his second after his divorce from his first wife Naureen. The couple were married for 14 years, before separating in 2010.
  • The biggest break-ups in sports Professional basketball player Kris Humphries started dating Kardashian in 2010. Their marriage in 2011 was at the centre of public eye. However, Kardashian filed for divorce within 72 days of marriage. Many news reports suggested that the whole wedding was a publicity stunt.
  • The biggest break-ups in sports Once the hottest couple in F1, Hamilton and Scherzinger broke up in early 2013 after a long romance. A heartbroken Hamilton dedicated his Hangarian GP win to his former sweetheart.
  • The biggest break-ups in sports They were together for a very brief period, but Clooney and former wrestling diva Stacy Keibler certainly made one of the hottest couples of our times.
  • The biggest break-ups in sports NBA star Kobe Bryant got engaged to Vanessa Laine in 2000 after going out with her for a few months. The two married in 2001 and had two daughters before separating in 2011. However, in early 2013, the couple reportedly announced on twitter that they had called off their divorce.
  • The biggest break-ups in sports Before marrying Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik, Sania was engaged to her long-term friend Mohammed Sohrab Mirza from Hyderabad, who was studying business in England. The engagement was abruptly called off in early 2010.
  • The biggest break-ups in sports In 2013, Warne and Liz Hurley parted ways after a three-year relationship. The couple were seen at most of the Rajasthan Royals` matches in the 2013 Indian Premier League. While Shane Warne is reported to be partying hard after the split, Hurley is being linked to wildlife-photographer David Yarrow.
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