मनमानी या अत्याचार: लेआउट प्लान की स्वीकृति के अभाव में अशोक विहार में विकास पर ब्रेक

Problems in getting development work done in some areas, some areas of Ashok Vihar are away from development

By: Meghshyam Parashar

Published: 14 Sep 2021, 09:33 AM IST

Bharatpur. The non-layout plan has put brakes on the development of some areas of Ward 5. This area is the Ashok Vihar Colony of the ward, some part of it is being settled on agricultural land. In this situation, till the time the layout plan is prepared and approved, then no executive agency can get the development done here. Therefore, the people of ward five will be in love with the facilities. By the way, the population of this ward is around 2800. In this some area of Subhash Nagar, Jamun Bagh and the largest area comes from Ashok Vihar. Elsewhere, the situation of development is fine, but some area of Ashok Vihar is waiting for development due to coming under agricultural land. Here people are facing problems due to dilapidated roads, dirty water filled in vacant plots, piles of garbage, obstruction in drainage, broken drains etc.

Ashok Vihar became a pond due to waterlogging

There is a problem of water logging due to lack of drainage system in the ward. The dirty water coming out of the houses is causing problems by filling empty plots and unpaved roads. Without drains people are facing problems. Because of this, the people here are also troubled by the smell. In such a situation, even the complaints of the people are not being resolved.

Traffic problems due to broken roads

The condition of roads is even worse at some places in the ward. Getting out of the vehicles on the dilapidated roads makes it difficult to walk even on foot. On the other hand, the dirty water filled on the unpaved road obstructs the passage of people. Many a times people who are trying to escape get hurt by falling. In most areas of the ward, people expressed their anger over the cleanliness system. They say that the auto tipper arrives in two-three days. The condition of the cleaning workers is also similar. Due to lack of cleanliness, people throw garbage in vacant plots. This leads to piles of garbage. Mosquitoes are born they are different.

The effect of mosquitoes is inviting diseases

Due to waterlogging and garbage in Ashok Vihar, Jamuna Bagh of the ward, the fear of mosquito-borne diseases has started looming among the people. All this is due to the clogged drainage and drains. On the other hand, non-approval of non-layout plan is also considered a hindrance in development. Due to this, the people's representatives are also seen helpless.

problems with agricultural land

According to the experts, some part in this ward is related to the construction on agricultural land. That's why there is a non layout here. Unless its zonal plan is prepared and approved, no executive agency can get the work done by the Municipal Corporation, UIT and PWD here. This is the biggest bottleneck in development.

Ward's problem people's words

Mainly there is problem of water logging in the ward. Vacant plots are filled with water. Mosquitoes are on the rise in summer. Can't sit in the open air at night. It is difficult to sleep at home.

Prahlad, resident

Somewhere there is a unpaved road, where there are potholes. It hasn't been built for months. Dusty wind blows in the summer season, then there is a problem. The system of cleanliness is also going on in the same way. No one is listening.

Pankaj, Resident

People throw garbage in the vacant plot near our house. There was no cleaning. Mosquitoes will not let them sit peacefully in summer. The smell of water is different. No one listens to whom to say.

wind, resident

In the name of cleanliness, there is a ruckus. Auto tipper arrives in 2-3 days. Safai Karamcharis do not come on time. The drainage system is not good. In such a situation, people have to suffer. Responsible people don't pay attention. Whom to tell

foreign, resident

Roads are high and low in the ward. Drains are incomplete. This does not allow water to drain. Hence the problem of water logging persists. It also becomes difficult to get out of the way. You can check the status of the ward yourself.

-guddi, resident

Earlier there was a paved road near our house in Ashok Vihar. Along with digging the road for the construction of drains, debris was also dumped. It's been months. Made the road worse. You can see that it is difficult to get out.

Rukmani, Resident

- The cleanliness system in the ward is disturbed. Safai Karamcharis do not come on time. We have to throw garbage outside the houses. That's why garbage piles up. We too have a need. The system of public representatives should be fine.

Soniram, Resident

Road condition in front of our house is bad. This has been the situation for months. Nobody cares. First there was a road, then it was dug. Now the debris has been dumped. A very bad situation has happened. Customers don't even come to the shop. What to do.

Bhagwan Singh, Resident

Some area in ward five is of agricultural land. This is a non layout area. No executive agency can function until the zonal plan is prepared and approved. Efforts are on for full development in other areas of the ward.

Surjit Singh, Councilor Ward Five

Meghshyam Parashar Bureau Incharge
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