Childrens Day Speech- बाल दिवस पर ऐसे करें स्पीच तैयार

स्पीच जो हर कार्यक्रम में सबसे ज्यादा जरूरी मानी जाती है। हम आपको बता रहे हैं कि आप किस तरह की स्पीच को तैयार करें कि सब इंप्रेस हो जाएं।

इंदौर. बाल दिवस को पूरे देश में 14 नवंबर को मनाया जाता है। इस दिन बच्चें और टीचर्स बड़े ही उत्साह से मनाते हैं। इस दिन कई तरह के इवेंट्स और एक्टिविटीज होती हैं जिन्हें बच्चे पर्फोम करते हैं। स्कूल की बिल्डिंग को सजाया जाता है। कलरफुल गुब्बारे से या किसी भी खूबसूरत सजाने वाली चीज से। बाल दिवस इसलिए 14 नवंबर को मनाया जाता है क्योंकि इस दिन चाचा नेहरु का जन्मदिन भी होता है।

वे बच्चों से बहुत प्यार करते थे। उनकी नजर में बच्चे हीं हैं जो देश का भविष्य बेहतर बना सकते हैं। बच्चे इस दिन प्रतियोगिता में भाग लेकर इस दिन को पूरे जोश के साथ मनाते हैं। इस दिन चाचा नेहरु के काम को याद करके जिमना हो सके उतना बेहतर बनाते हैं। देखा जाए तो स्कूल में कई तरह के कार्यक्रम का आयोजन होता है। लेकिन स्पीच जो हर कार्यक्रम में सबसे ज्यादा जरूरी मानी जाती है। हम आपको बता रहे हैं कि आप किस तरह की स्पीच को तैयार करें कि सब इंप्रेस हो जाएं।

Good morning to the Principal sir, teachers and my dear friends. We all are very glad and gathered here to celebrate children’s day. At this auspicious occasion, I would like to speech on the children’s day. Children become the happiness of the society and home as well as future of the country. We can not ignore their involvement and contribution in the life of parents, teachers and other related people all through the life. Children are liked by everyone and without children life become very boring and upset. They are blessed by the God and conquer our hearts with their beautiful eyes, innocent activities and smiles. Children’s Day is celebrated every year to pay tribute to all the children all over the world.

It is celebrated at different dates in various countries however in India, it is being celebrated for years on 14th of November. Actually 14th of November is the birth anniversary of the legendary freedom fighter and first prime minister of the independent India (Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru) however celebrated as the children’s day because of his great love and affection towards children. He was a political leader however spent his most of the precious moments with children and loved their innocence. Children’s Day celebration brings lots of fun and frolic activities. The celebration of this day reminds us to renew our commitment towards children’s welfare including their proper health, care, teaching, etc. Children were Chacha Nehru’s ideals and given lots of love and care by him. It is an occasion to appropriate the qualities of childhood.

Children are considered as the building blocks of the strong nation. Children are very small but have capability to change the nation positively. They are the responsible citizens of the tomorrow as development of the country lies in their hands. Children’s Day celebration also reminds us about their rights of which they are getting benefits or not. Children are leaders of tomorrow so they need to get respect, special care and protection from their parents, teachers and other members of the family. They are being abused in many ways in our nation by their family members, relatives, neighbours or other strangers. Children’s day celebration make us remind about the importance of the children in the family, society and country. Following are the common rights of the children which they must get:

- They should get proper care and love by the parents and family.
- They should get healthy food, clean clothes and security.
- They should get healthy living environment where they can feel safe at home, school or other place.
- They should get proper and good level of education.
- They should be provided special care when disabled or sick.
- Let us join our hands together and take a pledge to secure the present and future of the country’s leaders to make a beautiful nation.

Thank you.

अर्जुन रिछारिया Incharge
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